Friday, January 27, 2017

Skype not working? Call +1 815.709.0055 or List of things you should check when your Skype is not working.

Call 1-815-709-0055  or List of things you can check if your Skype is not working properly.

Skype is one of the best Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Services. As it is about more than just making calls online from your pc, tablet and phone. You can share images, chat online, send documents, send messages and there are several other services loved by millions of users. Most of the time, Skype just works, but every now and then you’ll run into a problem and Skype stops working.

Here is the List of you can check if your Skype stops working :-

  • Internet
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Skype Version
  • Test Call on Skype
  • Sound Hardware
  • Audio Settings

1. Internet

First thing you need to check is your Internet. Check your Internet settings or you can call your Internet Service Provider if you are unable to fix your Internet.

2. Bandwidth Usage

You can see your bandwidth usage by connection. If you or anyone else connected to the same network is overloading your network bandwidth then there might be an issue related to calling on your Skype, you will hear robotic sound from the person speaking to you on the other side. The common reasons for overloading network bandwidth are BitTorrent File, High definition YouTube Videos, Online Gaming, Computer or Apps Auto Updates.

3. Skype Version

In worse scenarios you'll see that your Skype keeps crashing while you are trying to open on your Computer or Phone. This issue is caused due to an older version of Skype. You can check your Skype version by signing into your Skype and In the menu bar Click Help>About Skype. You can update your Skype to the latest version from here UPDATE SKYPE. You can also uninstall Skype and Reinstall it on your Computer or Phone.

4. Test Call on Skype

(i)   Sign In to Skype.
(ii)  Under Contacts, Click on Echo/Sound Test Service.
(iii) Click on Call(Green Color Phone Icon).
(iv) You'll hear a voice and you'll be prompted to record your message.
(v)  Record your message and after that your message will be played back to you.

If you are able to hear your voice properly after Skype Call Testing Service that means you are good to go and if you are not, you need to check your microphone and audio settings on Skype.

5. Sound Hardware

Check your microphone or headphone are plugged into correct port. Analog headphones should be plugged into the right jack and USB headphones should be inserted into correct USB ports. After doing that check audio settings in Skype.

6. Audio Settings

You can check your headphones and microphones from Audio Setting options in Skype.
(i)   Sign In to your Skype
(ii)  Click on Tools
(iii) Click on Options
(iv) Under Options click on Audio Settings
(v)  To Test your microphone speak on it and you'll see a green bar under microphone moving.

These are the list of the things you can check if your Skype is not working. And still you are facing problem with Skype, try calling Skype Customer Service Number at 1-815-709-0055.

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